Everything about Starlink Flat High-Performance Kit

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Flat High-Performance Starlink

Starlink recently launched the new Flat High-Performance Starlink satellite equipment device. The model provides full in-motion internet access, and you can permanently install it on your preferred car. Unlike the standard Starlink RV satellite, which you can set up in different places as you travel, the Flat High-Performance Starlink can be fixed at one position and enables you to stay connected even when racing at 70 miles per hour on the highway.

Starlink developed the equipment to perform well under demanding conditions while in motion. Its expanded range of vision and improved GPS capabilities mean it can establish stable connections with more satellites, even while moving. The hardware is built to last under harsh conditions and is intended for long-term installations. It is the only certified in-motion satellite dish in use today.

Although the Flat High-Performance Starlink has several advantages, it is much more costly than the Starlink RV dish. The Flat Fast Performance Starlink can be a good choice if you’re a global traveler who values high internet speeds and a more resilient, always portable solution.

Starlink Flat High Performance’s Features

Starlink’s Flat, High-Performance Hardware

What’s in the Box:

  • Starlink High-Performance Dish antenna
  • Power supply
  • Power supply mount
  • Router
  • Router mount
  • Starlink cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Router cable
  • AC Cable (Power supply)
  • AC Cable (Router supply)

The new Starlink Flat High Performance doesn’t need a tripod for its square antenna. Instead, it makes use of a level surface. The Flat High-Performance Antenna is designed to be flat so that clients can easily place it on their vessels or vehicles.

Even though the pole and motors have been omitted, the device employs the same hardware as the older High-Performance systems, making the dish considerably more compact. This enables the dish to be mounted on any horizontal surface, thus expanding the installation choices, notably on automobiles and boats.

Starlink has optimized in-motion usage for the High-Performance Flat dish. It has a broader field of view of 140 instead of 100 in the standard Starlink. It also features a more advanced GPS chip for a precise satellite location. With these two upgrades, the dish can connect with more satellites, making it ideal for in-motion usage.

The equipment is intended for permanent placement, whereby the hardware package includes the flat antenna, brackets, router, power supply, and wires. Both the router and the power source come with their mounting.

Customers anticipating a direct current (DC) power source will be disappointed to discover that AC powers the power supply included in the High-Performance Flat package. The typical power consumption of the new dish ranges between 110 and 150 watts, which is much more than the power consumption of the Standard dish.

Flat High-Performance Specifications

  • Weight: 38.00 LBS
  • Height: 13.00 Inches
  • Width: 28.25 Inches
  • Depth: 24.25 Inches

The Starlink service and download speeds depend on the type of account you have subscribed to. The dish download rates vary from 5 to 200 Mbps, with upload speeds of somewhere between 1 to 20 Mbps. The new dish should achieve incredible speeds in an uncrowded location with few Starlink customers. However, the RV plan still determines the highest internet speed one can attain while using the equipment.

Unlike the Standard dish, which can only detect satellites at a 100 range, the High-Performance Flat dish can reach 140 degrees. This allows for enhanced satellite surveillance.

The dish is IP56 certified and has an operational temperature range of -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). Additionally, the new terminal can endure very high winds since it has a wind tolerance of 174 kph.

Other features include:

  • Antenna: Electronic Phased Array
  • Orientation: Fixed
  • Snow Melt Capability: Up to 75 mm/hour (3in / hour)

Standard Starlink versus Flat High-Performance Starlink

The key differences between the Starlink Standard and the Flat High-Performance receiver are as follows:

In-Motion Usage

The Flat High-Performance Starlink receiver was developed for use while in motion and received FCC approval. On the other hand, even though the Starlink Standard system unofficially supported the in-motion capability, the manufacturer never intended it that way and has since taken steps to prevent the support.

Temperature limits

Both devices can operate in temperatures between -30 C and 50 C, but the Standard receiver loses speed as it heats up. The High-Performance receiver is much more tolerant when exposed to high temperatures.

Field of View

The Starlink Standard receiver can detect satellites over 100 of the sky, which is why it works better when pointed north, where there is a higher concentration of Starlink satellites throughout much of North America. On the other hand, the Flat High-Performance receiver’s 140° field of view can take in a far more comprehensive range of the sky, enabling it to monitor multiple satellites simultaneously without resorting to pointing motors.

Environmental Rating

The standard Starlink is certified IP54 for resistance to water splashing from any direction. The High-Performance receiver, however, is certified IP56, which means it is safe against water spray, even at high velocities, making it ideal for use on a ship’s deck.

Wind Rating

The Standard receiver can withstand winds of up to 50 miles per hour, which is presumably why it is not designed to be installed on moving vehicles since It’s incapable of dealing with highway speeds. However, the Flat High-Performance receiver can withstand winds up to 174 miles per hour.

Guidelines for ordering the new Flat High-Performance Starlink

You can place an order for a Flat High-Performance Starlink right now on the company’s website, whether it’s your first time buying Starlink for RVs or an upgrade to its brand-new Flat High-Performance dish. However, before you begin your trip, you should make sure that the service is accessible in the locations that you will be visiting by clicking the “Check Coverage” option.

Then you will need to provide your shipping information to complete your transaction. Here, you can choose between the Standard dish (at $599) and the brand-new Flat High-Performance dish (at $2,500).


All things considered, this is a significant step forward for traveling enthusiasts. Never before has such extensive high-speed coverage been accessible for in-motion vehicles. The High-Performance Starlink RV Service has the same in-motion constraints as the Standard Service. Hence you can anticipate more service disruptions when you go under bridges, through tunnels, and around mountains.

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