Starlink Standard vs High-Performance Dish

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Starlink Standard vs High-Performance Dish

New Low Earth Orbit satellite constellations, such as Starlink, make satellite-based Internet connections competitive with fixed and wireless technology.

Starlink’s TCP throughput and page load times are superior to competing commercial geostationary satellite Internet providers. Starlink uses QUIC to monitor load and packet loss to prevent interference from performance-enhancing proxies often used in satellite networks.

When first introduced, hundreds of small satellites were launched into low Earth orbit (LEO) at 550 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. It was a part of Starlink’s satellite constellation project. These satellites work by broadcasting internet signals transmitted to the ground transceivers that further broadcast locally or route directly to your Starlink router. 

To enjoy a seamless internet connection, you can make the most of Starlink Standard or High-Speed kit. Here’s everything to know about them.

Starlink Standard Dish

Starlink standard dish is suitable for usage by home users as well as typical internet applications such as streaming video, operating video calls, playing online games, and other activities.

This Starlink kit includes a device, a Wi-Fi router, a power supply, cables, and a base. It also comprises everything else you need to connect to the internet. To access the internet, Starlink’s signal-carrying capabilities over space are essential. The system uses laser interlinks between satellites and phased-array antennas at ground stations to offer fast and stable communication links. 

This arrangement sends data packets with the help of lasers at 20 times more rapid rates than conventional radio transmissions, offering higher bandwidth. As a result, you can make the most of seamless video streaming and downloading big files. This kit also comprises phased-array antennas suitable for simultaneously conveying data to users as they can focus their signal in a particular direction with little interference. 

As per the official website of the internet service provider, the standard dish comes with excellent speeds and as low latency as 20ms. It is the default option for the residential areas. Besides this, you can use it for portable and travel usage. 

The Starlink Standard kit costs $599. You will get everything up and running in a few minutes. When you power on the dish, the electronic phased array delivers the best signals. All you need to do is to ensure there are no obstructions between the sky and the dish. 

Standard Kit Highlights:

  • IP54 rated 
  • Self-orienting with built-in motors 
  • Operations in a range of temperatures, from -22 degrees F to 122 degrees F 
  • 100-degree field of view for electronic phased array antenna 
  • 50-75 watts power consumption 
  • Wi-Fi 5, dual-band, mesh-enabled router
  • LAN Ethernet port available with the purchase of Starlink Ethernet Adapter 
  • 12-months warranty 

Starlink High-Performance Disk 

Starlink released its High-Performance dish to the public for the first time in February 2022. But at that time, it was accessible only via a new Premium tier that would later become Starlink business. Interested customers were required to pay a monthly internet connection fee of $500 to access the service. But later on, the company made some changes regarding its availability. 

You may find the price of this disk much more expensive than the Standard kit, but each penny is worth the hefty price. Starlink High-Performance kit costs a whopping $2,500, but the cost to subscribe to the internet service remains $110. This internet setup is perfect for businesses as the dish is the most powerful dish in the company’s offerings. At the same time, it is designed to meet the requirements of residential users. 

This kit is included with the Business, Mobility, and Maritime plans. It is an optional upgrade for residential and roam plans and is aimed more at professional and power users. You can also access it if living in harsh weather climates, where the applications are more demanding. The dish comprises higher throughput capabilities.

Compared to the Standard counterpart, it can see more of the sky and handle harsh weather in a better manner. Starlink has also introduced the flat High-Performance version available to mount to vehicles and boats for in-motion use. 

Starlink High-Performance kit includes a mounting base, dish, power supply, Wi-Fi router, and cables. The setup doesn’t require a lot of hassle and is driven toward automatic motorized aiming. 

Standard Kit Highlights

  • IP56 rated 
  • Self-orienting with built-in motors. 
  • Operates in a range of temperatures, from -22 degrees F to 122 degrees F, respectively. 
  • 135-degree field of view for the electric phased array antenna 
  • 110-150 watts power consumption 
  • Wi-Fi 5, dual-band, mesh-enabled router 
  • 24-month warranty 

Starlink Standard vs. High-Performance Dish 

Both these kits are equally impressive in their areas of operations. But if you are to choose one, the below-listed comparison will help you understand them in detail. 


Starlink High-Performance kit is capable of higher data throughput, which makes it better for business use. It also entertains higher upload speeds compared to the standard counterpart. That said, both these kits are limited by the service plan and network conditions. The businesses requiring the highest upload speeds may benefit from the bigger antenna, but the overall performance and speed of the Standard dish are equally promising. 

Reliability and Obstructions 

When it comes to features like reliability, obstructions, and weather, the High-Performance equipment stands out. The electronic phased array antenna of this dish is much larger. Its power supply is also more powerful. All these elements help the dish operate seamlessly in unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, and more. 

The High-Performance dish has a field of view of 135 degrees as opposed to the 100 degrees of the Standard dish. The higher field of view means it can see and talk to more satellites in the sky. If you reside in an area with many trees and are having trouble with obstructions, this dish might work better for you. 

Mounting and Accessories 

Brownie points to the High-Performance kit if you have an advanced networking setup. The Standard kit doesn’t include an Ethernet LAN port. You have to buy an adapter to be able to use the router or connect a network switch. Even then, you cannot remove the Starlink router completely. On the other hand, the High-Performance kit includes an Ethernet cable, letting you plug right into your own router. 

Best and Useful Starlink Accessories

The mounting options of both kits are similar as they come with different alternatives – roof mounts, longer cables, and mesh systems. The cables for the High-Performance dish are different from the Standard. You may want to buy a new cable if you want to upgrade your existing dish. 


In terms of portability, the Standard dish is much lighter and smaller than the High-Performance dish. The latter includes a separate power supply brick, which makes plugging everything in more complicated. Thus, if you want to use the internet for camping or other recreational activities, it is better to opt for the Standard hardware. The High-Performance dish is more suitable for in-motion use on RVs and emergency vehicles. 


We have already mentioned the huge price difference between the two. The High-Performance kit costs $2,500, and the Standard kit costs $599. Beyond the hardware price, you should also consider the service plan price to decide between the two. If you want to access the former, you should opt for the best service plan. 

For portability, the mobility/mobile priority plan offers higher speeds and performance. The price point is an important consideration when choosing between the two.


When to Choose Standard Hardware? 

You can opt for the Standard hardware of Starlink if you are a home user and don’t reside in areas with unfavorable weather conditions such as ice, rain, snow, and heat. You can opt for Residential or Roam service plans without upgrading the networking needs. 

When to Choose High-Performance Hardware? 

The High-Performance hardware is more suitable to fulfill your business internet needs or if you are a power user of the internet. We recommend opting for this kit if you live in an extreme weather environment with obstructions of trees or a remote area such as a mountain or nearby forest. You can opt for Business, Mobility, or Maritime service plans to utilize the internet to the optimum. 


Both the Starlink kits – High-Performance and Standard are promising enough to offer proper internet service. However, there are some differences between the two. Based on your personal requirements and budget, you can opt for one and enjoy a free flow of internet. Make sure to keep all the above-listed points in consideration before making the choice. 

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  1. I have both the high performance and standard dish. I installed the high performance with the goal of using its wider field of view. At this point, it seems that it was a waste of money because the used field of view is no different than the field of view from the standard when I look at the obstruction map in the app. I bought the high performance dish with the goal of the higher field of view to compensate for my obstructions, it didn’t work.


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