How to Find Out If Starlink Is Available In My Area?

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Starlink availability

Decent internet options are now becoming scarcer as we witness the increased internet user capacity worldwide. Starlink is here and has altered the satellite internet market forever. Starlink has come a long way to change how we view satellite internet.

Eliminating the high latency, slow speeds, and contracts presented by other networks, Starlink has managed to deliver decent services when it is needed most. The reviews and specifications are positive, making it the right option for your internet needs despite your location. But how do you know whether Starlink is available in your area? 

Starlink has made it easier for interested customers to check for availability in their respective locations. Starlink availability can be checked through various methods, or one can become a substitute or confirmation method.

The most assuring method is through their website and input your address. Additionally, you can check your address in the Starlink availability map, which may have downsides. Worry less, as below is a well-detailed procedure for finding out whether Starlink is available in your area.

Starlink availability 

Starlink also faces maximum users in a specified area or coverage limitations like any other satellite internet. You should check if it is available in your area before you sign up for the internet service. Why is this the case? Starlink is in its early stages and is currently in Beta testing. Beta testing is a stage where the development of a  product is released to a smaller group rather than fully releasing it when not tested, and all errors are fixed. Starlink plans to put more than 30,000 satellites into orbit; they have only launched around 1600, thus a limited coverage.

Who is merited for the Starlink internet?

SpaceX had announced their long plan to make Starlink internet available to everyone. This means anyone could put their address and sign up for the services. This is not the case, as Starlink coverage is limited to some areas and affected by several factors. Depending on your address, you may be put on the waiting list

Starlink is currently available in most of the United States, but when you can start receiving service depends on many factors, including the number of satellites in orbit, the number of ground stations, and the current subscriber count in your area.

How to check for Starlink availability

Checking for Starlink availability is easy and can be done by almost everyone. Starlink availability can be checked through various methods, namely:

1. Starlink Website

When checking for availability through the Starlink website, you perform a buying procedure that can indicate whether your area is eligible for the internet or not. To do this 

  • Visit the Starlink website at
  • Type in your address and click on order now button
  • Check the order options presented

Depending on the order type, you can know whether Starlink is available in your area. The orders include

1. Starlink waitlist pre-order

If you get the message, “Starlink is currently at capacity in your area…” on the next screen, the service is available, but you will need to join the waitlist and wait to get Starlink. You will pay a $99 deposit to pre-order and join the waitlist. For your pre-order, Starlink provides you with a timeline estimate of when your service will be ready for you, such as “your order may not be fulfilled until 2023 or later.” If you pay the $99 deposit, your account page will be updated if the estimated service availability date changes. The deposit is fully refundable, and you can cancel your pre-order anytime to get your money back. 

2. Full Starlink order

If you see a screen with the message, Service for this order is only guaranteed at this location,” that means Starlink is available in your area immediately. You will be asked to pay up-front for the Starlink hardware kit, which is $599. Depending on your location, you might also need to pay for shipping and tax. Starlink has a return policy of 30 days. If you receive your kit and the service is not to your expectation, you can return the dish and get a full refund.

2. Starlink coverage map

The Starlink website incorporates an interactive map detailing areas available for full orders and pre-orders. This is a good tool as it helps visualize the covered areas by the Starlink service. You can also type your address on the map to be taken directly to your area. From there, check the color on the map to determine if Starlink is available.

A subscription to Starlink portability means that the speeds and the latency you get will be highly dependable on this coverage map. If you are a Starlink portability customer, online gaming or high data needs on Starlink during peak hours can be difficult to achieve in low-capacity areas.

Checking Starlink availability without an address

Sometimes, you might not have a street address, or your address does not show on the Starlink website. When this is the case, you can use the plus codes to check for availability. The plus codes are similar to the longitudinal and latitudinal locations of your address. To find out the plus codes for your location.

  • Go to Google Maps on your browser or phone.
  • Identify your location on the map and tap/click on the map.
  • This will pop the latitude and longitude of your location at the bottom. Click on the Latitude and Longitude (Coordinates).
  • This will pop the plus code of your location. Paste the plus code, an example (HW5W+4C3), into the service address bar and check for availability.

Starlink expansion

Starlink is rapidly expanding its satellite constellation. Over the last years, SpaceX, the parent company of Starlink, has launched thousands of satellites, with thousands more planned to launch. There is typically a satellite launch every week, although it can take weeks, if not months, for the new satellites to be fully installed and operational in the constellation.

Starlink has said they now have over 400,000 customers globally. We also know that over 750,000 people have signed up to receive the satellite internet service in the future. Based on these statistics, we expect Starlink to expand to meet the demand rapidly, but that process takes time.

Starlink service tiers

Starlink has three different service tiers—residential, RV, and Business. Residential and Business plans require open availability at your service address to buy the kit. Starlink RV, however, does not require open capacity at your home address. The RV plan is designed to be portable and can be used anywhere with a Starlink signal. On the availability map above, which is anywhere other than locations marked Coming Soon.

It is important to remember that Starlink RV is deprioritized on the network. You may experience slower speeds than regular customers. It is also more expensive than the normal plan and cannot be converted to regular Residential service now. 


How long will I wait on the Starlink waitlist?

It varies by area. Typically, people wait 6 months at a minimum. Some people pre-ordered in 2021 and are still waiting to get their Starlink kit. The good news is that Starlink provides an estimated date on your account when you pre-order, giving you a good idea of when you can finally get Starlink.

What if my location is listed as coming soon?

When you check the availability map, you will see some areas, mainly outside of the US, showing as Coming Soon. This means that Starlink does not yet have the necessary satellite coverage, ground stations, and regulatory approval to operate Starlink in that location. Starlink estimates when service will expand to that area if you hover over it using the map.

What happens if I cancel my pre-order?

When you put down a pre-order and later think of canceling it, it will take you out of line. This means that later when you need to order your Starlink, you will have to start again.

Can I get Starlink internet now?

Yes, as long as your location has availability. Getting a Starlink depends on multiple factors ranging from the number of satellites in orbit to the number of subscribers in your area.

Does Starlink have a data cap?

Starlink provides unlimited data without any speed caps. This is unlike most other satellite internet service providers with some form of data caps.

Can I sell my Starlink dish?

Yes, selling your Starlink dish is possible only if your Starlink subscription is active. This is purely legal and allowed by Starlink policy. However, it would be best if you do not have any unresolved payments, and the new owner’s address should be in the “available” area.


The demand for Starlink satellite internet service is exploding as more and more people learn about it and what it could bring to people without internet options. The Starlink website gives you multiple tools to decide if Starlink is available in your area.

Ultimately, availability comes down to the number of satellites in the constellation and the number of other customers around you. It is recommended to pre-ordering as soon as possible so you can grab your spot in line. We believe Starlink will continue to expand rapidly, so timeline estimates given to your by Starlink may start to shrink.

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